APDF Brief History

APDF is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number – CAC/TT/NO 20242
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Developing People, Communities, Institutions and Nations in a Peaceful Environment

The African People Development Foundation (APDF) is a performance and result oriented development institution that is actively committed primarily to local development, particularly in the Niger Delta and North Central/Middle Belt regions of Nigeria.

As a professionalized service provider, APDF seeks very passionately to advance and promote sustainable livelihoods, and the overriding imperative for peace, good governance, poverty reduction and wealth creation in consonance with the concept of NEPAD: (New Economic Partnership for African Development) and the UN MDGs: (United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals). APDF is poised to be at the fore front of non state actors in driving this effort within the development community. As a local development driven and people centered Foundation (as implied in our name), APDF effectively commenced operations in 2006. Our primary goal is to promote good governance and peace, and to fight poverty in all its dimensions. APDF is very concerned not only of socio economic poverty but also poverty in terms of the grave destitution of knowledge and information resulting into weak capacity of local communities. The challenge to build the human capacity and improve the economic standards of the impoverished and less privileged people, mostly poor rural women, is a call to service for APDF, and this is part of the compelling motivation that had not just inspired but necessitated the emergence of our institution to engage in the delivery of strategic, innovative social services that can enrich and give meaning to life and put added value to initiatives and intervention programmes that are development driven and that have, in special focus, those poor and neglected women at the grass roots and those who work closely at that local level.


Current Project Status

Commitment to Projects

APDF has the requisite institutional capacity and competences to deliver quality solutions and services to our partners.

APDF Staff & Institutional Capacity

The capacity of APDF is informed by the competences, expertise and professional skills of its versatile workforce. These lend itself to the excellent performance and the remarkable achievement that the key management staffs of APDF have recorded in the past years in various programmes and professional activities.

Key Management Personnel

APDF has adequate personnel with the requisite skill to effectively implement programme activities and objectives. With a staff strength of 7 proficient professionals and 5 skilled support personnel and programme officers, APDF has the requisite institutional capacity and competences to deliver quality solutions and services to our partners. Our approach is to be professional, systematic and methodical, taking great care and meticulousness to ensure that both the process and the eventual implementation of projects and delivery of services meets international standards, in its quality, content, veracity, reliability, value and usefulness to a wide range of stakeholders. The Management Team of African People Development Foundation is made up of highly motivated, focused and versatile work force of young, vibrant, dynamic and ingenious experts with vast experience and technical skills in delivering strategic and effective services to our clients. At the Board level, APDF is composed of a six - member board of Directors and Trustees of high integrity

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