November 9, 2018

Peace Returning to Ughelli

Prior to the intervention of the APDF GO4Peace Initiative, the conflict conditions in Delta State had become more volatile to an alarming proportion; manifesting in various […]
November 9, 2018

Building Peace & Local Capacities in the Niger Delta

The APDF GO4Peace and Local Institutional Capacity Building Programme (in the Niger Delta) is primarily designed to Improve the Functionality of Existing Conflict Management and Prevention […]
May 6, 2014

APDF Chairs USAID/RTI supported RNGG…..

Bibendum tellus, fringilla ut, eleifend pede id nulla.

Program Areas

The challenge to build the human and local capacity of impoverished and less privileged people, mostly rural poor, is a call to service for APDF, and this is part of the compelling motivation that had not just inspired but necessitated the emergence of our institution to engage in the delivery of strategic, innovative social services that can enrich and give meaning to life and put added value to initiatives and intervention programmes that are development driven and that have, in special focus, those at the grass roots and those who work closely at that local level. Our range of services includes the following;

We conduct Baseline Studies; PRA/Needs Assessment in communities and surveys/ Database development for Intl. Dev. Agencies, Government/Corporate organizations

APDF provides various ranges of professional services for Int’l. Development Agencies/Government Institutions and Corporate Organisations

We provide Entrepreneurial / SMEs Development & Business Support Services to promote economic empowerment, poverty reduction and wealth creation.

We implement and provide management services of micro projects in rural/local communities as well as agro allied cottage industries

APDF promotes good governance, human rights, peace & leadership development) at community, local government and national levels. Our governance and security intervention initiative is aimed at promoting the improvement of social service delivery, peace, transparency and accountability particularly at the local government level.

APDF trains and builds capacity of youths & women groups, CBOs, NGOs, Entrepreneurial & local Institutions (LGAs) for sustainable livelihoods and socioeconomic enhancement. We also facilitate skills acquisition and self help employment programmes for youths and women.

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